Security Industry Alliance

The Security Industry Alliance is an Alliance of Security Associations in South Africa. As the united voice for this industry, SIA plays a key role in communicating common interest to our members this includes electronic manufacturers, service providers and distributors across the entire spectrum which includes locksmiths and in house security.                

The Security industry in South Africa is the fastest growing industry in terms of new businesses being established.

The Security Industry Alliance (SIA) is an active dynamic body which represents the interests of the Industry at all levels.

SIA has been instrumental in creating submissions to Government on numerous topics affecting the interest of the Industry; SIA is committed to maintaining its watchdog status and representative role for the entire Industry.

SIA chief executive officer Steve Conradie takes the issue of interaction with Government very seriously.

“I aim to build bridges with Government departments. It makes sense that we should work together, after all we have the same objectives.”

There must be a properly regulated Industry with a positive image and SIA aims to be the vehicle which will achieve this noble goal.


The Authority hereby wishes to revoke the industry circular, ‘CUT-OFF DATE FOR THE RENEWAL OF OLD PSiRA REGISTRATION CERTIFICATES - 31 MARCH 2018’, which was dated the 17th January 2018.

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