About the SIA

The Security Industry Alliance was formed in August 2003, when key players in the South African Security Industry were combined after months of intensive discussion to provide a single unified voice for the Profession to interface with Government and other Stakeholders.

In conjunction with its members and partners, SIA makes submissions on aspects of proposed regulations, which have a direct impact on the Security Industry and the consumer alike. One of SIA’s main objectives is the need to build relationships with all Stakeholders, including Government, to specifically ensure that Government receives accurate information and understands the dynamics of the Industry

South Africa can not function as a democracy without the Private Security Industry. International Airports, the National Transport System itself, Harbours and Ports, Private Business and Industry, Banks, Shopping Malls, Mines - all are protected from looting, vandalism and theft by Private Security Organisations. The Security Industry is in fact a pillar of law and order which complements the Department of Safety and Security.

It is in the spirit of this passionate patriotism and concern for the present and future of our country that SIA exists for all Stakeholders in the Private Security Industry and be an influential voice and visionary spokesperson not only for the Industry itself, but for the general citizenry as well. One of SIA’s main focus areas is the area of regulatory legislation over the Private Security Industry.

Many of the regulations raise constitutional and administrative law issues, and can and have adversely affected businesses.